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New York City Commercial Real Estate Attorney Provides Strong Counsel

Accomplished firm assists with various business property concerns

Finding the right location at a proper rate is essential for any business, and the stakes are even higher in New York City. At The Law Office of Don B. Panush in Midtown Manhattan, I work with small and large companies on various types of commercial property matters. If your company is looking for office, retail, industrial or development space, my firm can protect your interests and prepare the necessary documents. As a small business owner myself, with 50 years of legal practice experience, I have extensive knowledge of the legal and practical concerns associated with commercial real estate in this area.

Experienced lawyer handles commercial real estate transactions

If you are purchasing or selling a commercial property, I will work diligently to secure the best possible deal while protecting your legal rights. My firm can handle each phase of the transaction process, including:

  • Contract development and negotiation — I draft clear, thorough agreements for simple and complex real estate transactions. You will understand each key term and any relevant legal issues so that you can negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Financing arrangements — Whether you are using a standard mortgage or a more sophisticated financial instrument to finance the deal, my firm can prepare and execute the necessary documents.
  • Zoning and use questions — The value of a commercial property can drastically change based on federal, state and local regulations. I will ensure that you have a full understanding of zoning matters and pertinent issues before you make a significant investment.

My firm offers a free initial consultation so that you can gain an informed overview of the transaction process right from the start.

Knowledgeable adviser represents business clients in lease disputes

Whether you own a commercial property or are leasing space for your business, a lease disagreement can seriously hamper your operations. My firm thoroughly analyzes proposed and existing leases so that unnecessary problems are averted and disputes are resolved quickly and favorably. Whether your conflict arises from a rent issue, property conditions or some other concern, I will enforce your rights under the lease and relevant government regulations.

Contact a skillful New York City real estate lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Don B. Panush assists New York businesses with a wide array of commercial real estate issues. Please call 347-518-4141 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Midtown office, located a block away from Columbus Circle.