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Experienced New York City Child Custody Lawyer Assists Families

Dedicated advocate works to establish appropriate arrangements

Nothing is more important than the welfare of minor children. If you are breaking up with your spouse or co-parent, it is always best to put the needs of your sons and daughters first. At The Law Office of Don B. Panush in New York City, I work with divorcing spouses and other clients to create fair child custody and visitation arrangements. Often, these issues can be resolved amicably, even if other issues are in dispute. With five decades of legal experience, I know how to bridge gaps that divide parents and draft agreements that give children the best chance to thrive during a difficult time of their lives. However, if consensus cannot be reached, my firm serves as a strong advocate for the best interests of your child and you.

Proven attorney handles disputes over legal and physical custody

In New York, there are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the authority that parents have over key decisions in their child’s life and is often granted jointly. Physical custody addresses where the child will reside. Through a free initial consultation, we can discuss your situation and I can explain relevant issues such as:

  • Custody factors — Judges can consider numerous factors when making custody determinations, including parenting ability, the child’s routine, the health of each parent and previous misconduct, such as domestic abuse or substance addition. I work personally with each client to fully understand their child’s needs to maximize the chance of creating a positive environment going forward.
  • Modification — If you need to move or undergo some other life change that justifies a revision to your child custody arrangements, I will seek an appropriate adjustment from the court. Likewise, my firm handles situations on behalf of parents who are opposing moves or other actions that violate custody orders.
  • Visitation — In nearly every situation, everyone benefits when both parents have frequent, meaningful contact with their children. I draft and negotiate detailed parenting plans so that visitation terms for noncustodial parents are clear and in accordance with New York law. My firm also makes sure that specific details such as holidays and transportation are addressed.
  • Mothers’ rights — My firm delivers assertive legal representation to mothers who seek a fair child custody determination. I make sure that courts have a full understanding of the everyday contributions that mothers make to the happiness and success of their children.
  • Fathers’ rights — Historically, many courts have discounted the important role that fathers play in the lives of their sons and daughters, even though the law as written does not favor one parent over the other. My firm builds strong arguments on behalf of fathers who seek to preserve the bond they have with their children.

No matter what the specific circumstances are in your custody situation, I will provide comprehensive support until your case is resolved.

Contact a diligent New York child custody lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Don B. Panush represents New York City-area clients in child custody disputes and other family law matters. Please call 347-518-4141 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Midtown office, located a block away from Columbus Circle.